E-Invoicing in Germany

Electronic Invoicing Is Coming, but What Now?

The Growth Opportunities Act was passed by the Federal Council on March 22, 2024 and will also bring new requirements for electronic invoicing, among other things. With eddyson, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side to guide you safely through the upcoming changes. We build on existing processes and shape the path to the future together.

We are currently preparing a comprehensive solution for you, allowing you to choose the right option for your needs. In the meantime, we will provide you with advice and support and keep you up to date at all times. We provide you with verified information that gives you peace of mind - without hysteria or half-baked solutions.


FAQs on E-Invoicing in Germany

Looking for information on E-Invoicing in Germany? Explore frequently asked questions and find helpful answers about E-Invoicing regulations and requirements in Germany.


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FAQs on E-Invoicing in Germany

Your Questions, Our Answers

Looking for information on E-Invoicing in Germany? Here, you'll find frequently asked questions and helpful answers about E-Invoicing regulations and requirements in Germany. Get the insights you need to stay compliant and streamline your invoicing process.

Will the E-Invoicing mandate only apply to companies based in Germany?

As of January 1, 2025, all domestic companies will be required to receive electronic invoices for domestic B2B transactions under the new regulations. For specific details, please refer to the BMF-Letter dated June 13, 2024.

As a small business owner, am I also affected by the new regulation?

Yes, the new regulation also applies to small businesses. However, this only applies if the total turnover of the invoicing company in the previous calendar year exceeded 800,000 euros, as defined in § 19 UStG. For lower turnover, invoices can be issued and transmitted as regular invoices for transactions carried out until the end of 2027.

It is advisable for small business owners to familiarize themselves with this subject early on.

What will happen to the EDI procedure / EDIFACT?

The legislator announced in the BMF letter dated June 13, 2024 that the EDI procedure / EDIFACT will remain valid beyond the transition period until 2027 under certain conditions. The structured electronic format of an E-Invoice can be agreed upon individually between the invoice issuer and the recipient according to § 14 Abs. 1 sentence 6 no. 2 UStG. The chosen format can deviate from the EN 16931 standard as long as it is interoperable with it and contains the correct and complete information required by the UStG:

Specific requirements include:

  1. Acceptance of the procedure by the service recipient
  2. Authenticity of origin and integrity of invoice content through
    a) qualified electronic signature in accordance with the Signature Act,
    b) compliance with guidelines for electronic data transmission
  3. An additional internal control procedure that provides a reliable audit trail between the invoice and the service

For users and providers of EDI procedure / EDIFACT, this confirms that they will remain valid as long as the required information is transmitted correctly. The next step is to assess whether your existing EDI processes meet all relevant requirements or whether adjustments are needed.

What happens if there is a new version of XRechnung?

If you are already an eddyson customer and a new version of XRechnung becomes available, eddyson will provide the mapping directly in the new version on the eddyson platform. Possible content extensions between your system and the eddyson platform will be implemented.

As an additional service, we monitor the transition period and ensure that you always have the latest version of the respective national requirements.

If you are an invoice issuer, the transition will take place within the specified transition period upon request or automatically at the end of the period. As a invoice receiver, we support all versions during the transition period. Older versions will be automatically rejected at the end of the transition period.

As a recipient of an E-Invoice, do I have to support and implement both formats (XRechnung and ZUGFeRD)?

The format of an E-Invoice can generally be agreed upon between the invoice issuer and recipient. This is not mandatory as long as one of the legally defined formats is used.

It is therefore advisable to be prepared for all permissible invoice formats.

As an eddyson customer, you are well prepared because we cover all possible standards.

As an invoice recipient, can I determine the format in which I would like to receive the E-Invoice?

The format to be used for an E-Invoice can generally be agreed upon between the invoice issuer and recipient. However, the invoice recipient cannot specify only one receiving format. E-Invoices that fall within the defined legal framework cannot be rejected.

Can eddyson manage to connect so many customers and their customers by the end of the year? How do you guarantee this?

Through reusability and harmonization we guarantee a short connection time. The standards (e.g. XRechnung, ZUGFeRD) are already available and in use, as are the transmission protocols. We are happy to enable the relevant standards and transmission methods for your customers/suppliers. It is important that we coordinate the invoice content with you to ensure that it is complete for your leading accounting system.

However, it is important to note that EDI and E-Invoicing do not have the same connectivity processes.

This also allows us to provide our customers and prospects with various self-service options to meet this challenge.

Can I send a ZUGFeRD invoice to Italy?

As a German company, you send invoices abroad as usual because the new mandatory electronic invoicing regulations currently only apply to transactions between domestic companies.

Thus, the acceptance of a ZUGFeRD invoice in Italy depends on the individual recipient and is not subject to any new regulations.

Does each of our customers have to connect to eddyson? If we have 100 customers, does eddyson have to create 100 interfaces for our customers?

No, not every customer needs to connect to eddyson. If you are our customer, we actively send the invoices in the correct format through a generally accepted method. A connection is not required. This also applies to supplier invoices that we receive and prepare for your respective system.

Should we also receive E-Invoices from our parent company in the USA? Does this apply to all intercompany invoices worldwide?

No, this is not required. International intercompany invoices are not affected by the regulations. The new mandatory E-Invoicing regulations currently apply only to domestic B2B transactions between domestic companies.

Does eddyson offer an analysis tool to evaluate current exchange formats sent or received via eddyson?

eddyson checks whether the specific document contains all tax-relevant information and complies with the relevant legislation, both on sending and receiving.

Our customers can add additional checks to improve the overall data quality. In addition, an invoice visualization feature is available to present the data in a readable format.

If we send E-Invoices via eddyson to our customers by e-mail, do our customers have to give their individual consent for their data to be processed by eddyson?

No, this is not necessary. eddyson is only a service provider acting on your behalf. Therefore, the consent of the recipient is not required.

Does eddyson offer Peppol?

Yes, eddyson is Peppol capable and has been an access point for every company for a long time.

If we are already eddyson customers, can we decide flexibly when and how to change?

We will be happy to discuss your individual situation with you. Please schedule an appointment.

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