3PL Integration

Increasing Efficiency Along Your Supply Chain

In today's world, end consumers expect real-time transparency in their ordering process. To ensure this, a seamless solution is needed for the entire supply chain. Our platform ensures the digital integration of suppliers, retailers, marketplaces, carriers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

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Event-Based Data Streaming in Real Time

Modern 3PL Integration for More Real-Time Efficiency

Due to challenges such as complex processes caused by expansions, acquisitions, mergers or optimization, data exchange is increasingly evolving away from reactive, time-controlled mass processing towards event-based data streaming in real time. The optimization of supply chain processing is omnipresent.

Our 3PL integration offers you an innovative solution to digitally connect your internal and external partners across all processes in real time to ensure smooth operations.

Logistics Map

The Concept of Normalization

The Solution for a Diversity of Formats

As in many other industries, the logistics sector is not known for uniform format standards. This means that information has to be exchanged with third parties via individual interfaces. This is where the eddyson concept of normalization comes in.

Our concept enables all partners to communicate seamlessly with each other and provide information in real time. Here, our platform acts as a content interpreter, process supporter and reliable intermediary for the data flow.

Through a canonical approach that brings all formats together in a single connection, the implementation of EDI and API connections for the transmission of customer data, transport planning, warehousing and the commissioning of partners and carriers has never been easier.

3PL EDI Formats

Complete Integration along the Supply Chain

From Order to Delivery

Consumers want complete transparency in their delivery process from order to delivery. Due to the large number of partners involved and their systems, this is not possible without complex connection adaptations of individual interfaces.

eddyson offers a central platform that enables fast and smooth data exchange, as well as efficient forwarding of reporting or tracking data to third parties. This lays the foundation for the desired transparency for end users and also forms the basis for the comprehensive supply of twin and reporting systems.

3PL Integration Infographic

Data Quality and Integrity

Your Guarantee for Data Quality

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are increasingly recognizing the inestimable value of data. In the coming years, this awareness will continue to grow and multiply in the transport and warehouse logistics sector.

However, it is not just the sheer quantity of data that is crucial, but above all its quality. Data that is precise, complete and categorized will become a decisive competitive advantage. Our platform not only offers secure and fast data transfer, but also guarantees the integrity of your data.


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Ready-Made Connections

Ready-Made Connections

Our solution is based on a repository of pre-configured connections that enable incredibly fast onboarding to your logistics partners.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

With eddyson, you pay a monthly flat fee per partner that covers all EDI transactions, API calls and future business processes.

Personal Support

Personal Support

Our personal support team is available 24/7 to help you solve problems quickly and ensure a smooth service.

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Got any Questions? We Have the Answers!

Do you have questions about 3PL integration? Don't worry, we have the answers! Dive into our FAQ section to get clarity and gain a deeper insight into the challenges and solutions of 3PL integration.

Does eddyson support integration with multiple 3PL partners simultaneously?

Absolutely, our EDI solutions are designed to support integration with multiple 3PL partners simultaneously. We offer flexibility in connectivity and ensure that your systems can communicate effectively with different service providers.

How can data security be guaranteed when integrating with external 3PL partners?

Data security is a top priority for eddyson. When integrating with external 3PL partners, we use advanced security protocols and encryption technologies to ensure protected data exchange. We meet the highest security standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your business data.

What are the benefits of integrating 3PL with eddyson's B2B platform?

Integrating 3PL with eddyson's B2B platform enables smooth and efficient collaboration between your business and third-party supply chain providers. This leads to optimized inventory management processes, faster delivery times and overall improved logistics operations. Seamless integration gives you the ability to respond more flexibly to changing requirements and optimize your logistics strategy.

How quickly can the 3PL integration with eddyson be realized?

The integration time depends on various factors, including the complexity of your current systems and the requirements of your 3PL exchange partner. However, at eddyson we are committed to an efficient implementation process. Contact our team of experts for detailed advice and customized implementation planning.

Can eddyson's 3PL integration also be used with international partners?

Absolutely. eddyson's B2B platform and EDI solutions are designed to operate globally. Regardless of your location or that of your partners, our platform enables efficient integration with 3PL service providers worldwide. Our solutions make cross-border collaboration seamless and effective.