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How Lekkerland Establishes the Digital Supply Chain With eddyson

Lekkerland specializes in precisely tailored product ranges, concepts and solutions in the food convenience sector. With its large product selection, highly efficient logistics and success-proven services, the company is in great demand as a retail partner and is constantly required to offer up-to-date solutions. Lekkerland therefore sets market standards for its customers in terms of product range, logistics and IT.

eddyson supports us in our digital transformation and provided a "convenient" solution for connecting POS system partners for Lekkerland.

Stephan Koerfers
Head of Connecting Services & Operations

eddyson's Journey with Lekkerland

As a specialist for on-the-go consumption, Lekkerland offers innovative services, customized logistics, and a broad wholesale assortment. The company focuses on the needs of its customers and consumers. Their vision is to serve as "Your most convenient partner" for their customers - to be the best partner they have. Lekkerland's customer base primarily includes gas station stores, kiosks, convenience stores, bakeries, grocery retailers and quick service restaurants.

Lekkerland supplies around 51,300 points of sale with food and non-food products in Germany alone. The diverse assortment ranges from chocolate bars to fresh snacks, gift vouchers to e-cigarettes. Behind the company's success are 14 logistics centers in Germany, around 2809 vehicles and almost 3,000 employees, making Lekkerland the "Most Convenient Partner" for its customers.

Points of sale, such as independent gas station stores or kiosks, have a variety of options for transmitting their orders to Lekkerland, including directly from the store's merchandise management/cash register system. For the convenience of Lekkerland customers, Lekkerland offered the target group of independent store operators to use their own cash register formats for the exchange of digital documents. In addition, the checkout system providers whose systems the store operators use were connected to the existing Lekkerland systems using various communication technologies.

The Challenge

Once the problem had been defined, Lekkerland worked out a number of constraints that had to be taken into account in the search for a solution: Firstly, the size of Lekkerland's customer structure, which is associated with individual requirements for formats and connections. Secondly, all stores that were already connected had to be able to support the solution and their migration had to be feasible.

Lekkerland Products Delivery

The entire onboarding process of the stores to the Lekkerland systems and the associated Self Service Portal had to meet high requirements in terms of user-friendliness. A further secondary requirement was that the onboarding and activation process for new customers had to be as automated as possible.

Challenge Accepted!

Once all the requirements for the new solution had been defined, a team of eddyson product managers, developers and EDI experts could get to work. Initial consideration focused on a platform that would act as a data hub and serve as the heart of the new solution.

All Lekkerland systems would be connected to this platform and receive automated and harmonized data from existing and future checkout partners. An essential prerequisite for the commissioning of the data hub was the flexible connection of existing and future stores to the platform.

The basis of the new solution is the harmonization of process data in the direction of Lekkerland. The POS partners do not have to limit themselves to one format, but can choose from a range of different connection configurations.

The second part of the solution concept was an intuitive Self Service Portal. Shop operators can carry out all configurations independently in the Lekkerland Self-Service Portal and thus connect independently to the data hub.

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