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How Jockey Europe’s IT Team Reduces its Daily Workload by 15%

Jockey International is a leading designer, marketer, retailer, and licensor of men’s undergarments and women’s intimates, headquartered in Wisconsin, US.

Jockey Europe, based in Germany, looks after the company’s operations and sales throughout Europe.


Streamlining and standardizing partner communications

Jockey Europe first embraced the benefits of electronic data interchange (EDI) almost two decades ago, and have been saving time and money—and reducing business risk— ever since. However, life before EDI looked very different. Back then, Jockey managed orders, invoices, payment information, and inventory documentation manually, leading to multiple issues, including costly processing errors, slow transactions, and painful business inefficiencies.

That all changed when Jockey implemented the server based solution magic-EDDY, which digitized many of their onerous and error-prone paper-based processes. With eddyson supporting their legacy EDI system, Jockey could manage the rapid bulk transfer of documents, transform messages into whatever formats were required by their partners, and easily route them via various protocols. Their legacy EDI software, supported by eddyson, served Jockey well for years.

"We’d been very successful with our server-based tool, which handled the EDI process. The software did all our EDI conversions, received EDI files, and enabled us to manage the EDI process very well," says Rainer Kalbacher, IT and Business Manager at Jockey Europe.

As technology naturally evolved, Jockey became interested in finding a cloud-based EDI solution. This was initially prompted by the fact their on-prem solution ran on an older version of Windows, which was heading for the end of its lifespan.

At the same time, Jockey saw significant business benefits in switching to the cloud: such as accessing constantly updated software with the latest functionality, decreased maintenance costs, fewer worries over space on their hard drive, and the ability to scale with ease. Jockey also knew that modern, cloud-based EDI platforms provided additional visibility and functionality that could save their IT team precious time.

“With our legacy platform, we were spending time monitoring and performing EDI tasks throughout the day,” says Rainer. “We felt that a more modern system could help us with our workload and workflow and give us time back to support other departments.

Then Jockey learned about eddyson’s own cloud-based EDI solution, eddyson On-Demand (yOD). After years of successful partnership, it was a no-brainer to embark on the next stage of their EDI journey with eddyson.

"We watched eddyson closely over the years and saw them grow, and it was clear they were a strong partner who was doing things right. This gave us the security to migrate to the new cloud world with them."

Rainer Kalbacher
IT and Business Manager


Seamlessly integrating multiple partner processes with no business disruption

The more Jockey learned about yOD, the more they liked. The powerful platform could process any incoming or outgoing data from any application—regardless of its format, content or region—and then, using eddyson’s proprietary data model, transform that data into any destination format. In short, it gave Jockey more flexibility to connect and interact with businesses and systems anywhere, and at any time. Reassuringly, more than 500 leading global businesses were already being successful with yOD.

Planning and delivering the implementation

While Rainer was initially anxious at the prospect of implementing a new method of B2B data exchange, eddyson provided high-touch support from day one. Initially, eddyson’s dedicated implementation partners worked with Jockey to assess their requirements, including who their partners were, the volume of messages to exchange, and all the different document formats they’d be dealing with.

Next, the partners established a project plan with clear priorities and timelines designed to minimize disruption for the business and its customers. This approach took the form of onboarding business partners one by one. First, eddyson migrated all required business logic from Jockey’s on-prem solution onto its Cloud. At the same time, they worked with Jockey to ensure the right transmission channels, protocols, and message formats were in place for each partner.

eddyson then saved Jockey time, cost, and effort with its unique mapping strategy. Even facing the most complex customer requirements, eddyson translated data structures from any file type into an EDI standard format that could be sent to any location and integrated automatically into customers’ ERPs. Incredibly, a mapping process that typically takes months was completed in just three days by eddyson.

Next, eddyson worked with Rainer to test all the different data exchanges within a sandbox testing system. They thoroughly simulated the back and forth of all message types and formats, acting quickly on any errors, and only activating a full switchover when transactions were entirely error-free. It was a big relief for Jockey that they were able to complete the full technical implementation from their side, with no disruption or impact on their partners: "The only thing our customers had to do was switch the address that they send their messages to," Rainer explains.

User-focused customer support

Rainer was impressed with how simple it was to integrate multiple partner processes and data formats into yOD. Alongside the seamless technical implementation, he appreciates the high-touch support he received at every step.

"Whenever there was a question we had to get answered, it was solved immediately by eddyson’s support team. I’m not sure another provider would have been so responsive. We were in touch very closely with our project leader and we had a great collaboration. I can definitely say we’ve been happy with eddyson’s support over the years — and we still are."

Rainer Kalbacher
IT and Business Manager

Complete visibility and immediate availability of data

With yOD in place, eddyson monitors the platform and ensures fast error-handling. In addition, Jockey has central visibility of every transaction with its trading partners. From a single dashboard, they see granular details of all their digitized business processes. They can fully search every EDI message and filter exactly what happened at a specific time with a particular partner. This makes it fast and easy to track and fix any issues.

Rainer also appreciates how hassle-free it is to gain data-driven, actionable insights with yOD. With all process data analyzed in real time, Jockey can leverage specific reports and forecasts, then use them to make business processes even more efficient.

With data exchange with B2B partners now faster and more accurate than ever, Jockey can onboard new customers more quickly, handle critical tasks more efficiently, and make faster, better business decisions that increase their competitiveness.

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